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Management Services

We Can Help You Manage Your Property With Expert Services

Owning and leasing investment property does not have to take all of your time. Enjoy your income and time when you use one of our qualified property managers. Each manager is licensed in the State of Illinois as a real estate broker. Our service gives you peace of mind knowing that your property is well maintained and leased to qualified tenants. Deposits will be escrowed and returned to tenants after repairs,freeing you from maintaining a separate escrow account .

Tenant Selection:

We feel that tenant selection is the most important part of the property management service. A credit check is run on all potential tenants to determine if they qualify to rent your property. We will contact you to discuss issues that would result in possible rejected tenancy.


Upon entering into a lease tenants will fill out a Move In/Move Out inspection sheet which states the condition and inventory of the property. Both the property manager and the tenant sign the inspection sheet, and the tenant will receive a copy. Upon termination of tenancy, the same Move In/Move Out sheet will be used for final inspection of the property to assess any damage. All damages plus the cost of carpet cleaning will be deducted from the tenants’ security deposit prior to refund to the tenant. Periodically an outside inspection will be performed on your property and an inside inspection will be scheduled if your property is not being maintained to our high standards.


We strive to maintain your property in top condition at the most reasonable cost to you. To re-lease the property in the shortest possible time, we want your property to be maintained in its current condition or better. Our maintenance personnel are independent contractors to better serve you in terms of price and quality of workmanship.

Collection of Rents:

Rents are due the first of the month and are considered late on the sixth of the month. Any fees will be deducted from the gross rent and the balance will be forwarded per the management agreement. This will occur on or about the 25th of the month. You may request rent deposits be made to a local bank or mailed to you or your bank.

Statement of Rents:

A monthly statement will be emailed or mailed to you per the management agreement that reflects the activity on your property. The statement will include a copy of any maintenance billing that may have been deducted. At the end of the year a summary of all account activity will be forwarded to you as a courtesy for income tax purposes. A Form 1099 will be mailed to you at the beginning of each year by January 31st as required by law.


Your property will be listed on and an individual yard sign placed when appropriate. A referral network of over 170+ real estate brokers is a defining factor in our procuring potential tenants for your property.


We feel it is very important to keep the lines of communication open between the owner, the property manager and the tenant. Our property managers can be reached via the office phone, cell phone, text or email.